jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016

tea talk

Excuse me if I sit on you,' the cup said to the saucer.
   'I fear I've been here all the afternoon.'
'Spare excuses,' said the saucer; 'you have sat on me before, sir.'
   'Oh, I'll stir him up directly,' said the spoon.
'Stop your clatter!  Stop your clatter!' cried the bread-and-butter platter
   'Tittle-tattle!' sneered the tea-pot, with a shrug;
'Now, the most important question is my chronic indigestion.'
   'Ah, you've taken too much tannin,' jeered the jug.
'Hey, hey, hey!' sang the silver-plated tray,
'It's time you had your faces washed.  I've come to clear away!'

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