sábado, 30 de julio de 2016


The world gradually draws into
a global unit, knitted together
by the networks stitched
into everyone's private arrangements.
There is increasingly the threat
of an objective penalty
for being excluded from the game,
from these networked arrangements.

At the same time seeing these arrangements
clearly and objectively from the inside
is impossible.
Only by being cut adrift, stranded on the outside,
does one begin to make out
the workings of the game -- 
to make out that it is a game
and not a "natural" state of things.

A "natural" state of things
may or may not ever have obtained.
That no longer matters.  The thought of a "natural"
state of things troubles and distracts.
The time of nature has passed 
like the dinosaurs.
All that is left,
effectively, is the present
drawing toward it
as a magnet attracts iron filings
the mechanical regime of a future
from which the players of the game,
enclosed as in bubbles
by their socially enforced subscription
to what is perceived as an inevitable
and necessary condition,
would not be able to escape
even if the inchoate impulse to escape
were to become a conscious motive

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