lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

thoughts of a father

Maybe they will lift it today
I will go and find work
Fell a tree, perhaps
Mute witness to this horror
Or wash a street
Still streaked in red
Maybe I could go to the busy bazaar
And buy
A canister of oil,
And a bag of rice
As white as the valley’s snow
Maybe your Mauj will cook it
In turmeric water
Add a dash of salt
Season it with oil
And leave it to cool
Maybe I will feed you the sunshine -- rice
Your favourite tehri
One small fistful after another
And gaze with regret
At your beautiful eyes
Maybe later we will hold you close
And softly sing
The songs of azadi
And lull you to sleep
After nights of hungry wakefulness
Maybe they will lift the curfew
Maybe they will lift it today
Maybe they will
A little more patience, my child

A little more patience …

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